Exploring good governance in and between NHS providers, partners and systems.

The conference will focus on good governance from the scale of individual trusts, through partnership working of all shapes and sizes and up to system scale. Within that, we will be considering the general principles of good partnership working (drawing on experience in other sectors as relevant) and exploring frequently raised issues and practical suggestions as the move to system working gathers pace. All this, without losing the focus on the need for continuing good governance ‘at home’ – at provider trust level.


The NHS Providers' Governance conference is a unique experience – it's your chance to hear from high profile speakers and meet with members in the sector who are committed to improving governance.

Our event taking place online on 10-12 May 2022, is the only kind in the sector, giving you a variety and depth of guidance on the topics that matter to you – information you won't find anywhere else.

"A great opportunity to refresh your thinking, learn from others and network with peers." Previous delegate

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There will be opportunities to virtually meet with your peers and other senior health professionals in the sector at the conference. You'll have the space you need to exchange ideas and discuss the content from the day with other delegates and unpick key topics with speakers and colleagues on the discussion boards.

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Please note programme timings are subject to change.

Day 3 - 12 May 2022 — full schedule

12 May, 09:50 - 16:00

Introduction and chair’s welcome

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Session 9: Provider collaboration: The nuts and bolts of collaboration - simplifying complexity

In delivering good governance simplicity is nearly always preferable to complexity.  However system working will necessarily bring with it a degree of complexity.  This session examines how we deal with complexity as well as examining the possibility of simplifying system governance.

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Cathy Elliot — ICB Chair Designate, West Yorkshire and Harrogate ICS

Toby Lowe — Visiting Professor of Public Management, Centre for Public Impact

James Drury — Director of Partnership Development, Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership

Ten-minute break

Session 10: The board’s role in promoting equality: race equality as good governance

We know that boards need to improve their own diversity to deliver good governance and a diverse workforce if they are to successfully address health inequalities.  This session will explore the board’s role in promoting race equality, with examples of what works well and what’s required from the board to drive this agenda, recognising that many decades of initiatives have not had the necessary impact. The panel will also reflect on the work NHS Providers has done internally with its own board and workforce.

Chair: Manisha Patel — Inclusion and Culture Consultant and Board Director/Chair, Culture Consulting Limited

Chris Hopson — Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Lorraine Sunduza — Chief Nurse, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Sim Scavazza — Non-Executive Director, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Deputy Chair Executive, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West ICS

Lord Simon Woolley — Principal of Homerton College, Peer and Former Chair, the Government’s Race Disparity Unit Advisory Group

Lunch break

Session 11: Member showcases - joint posts and committees in common

As trusts are increasingly working together, we present two case studies describing different integrated structures designed to improve oversight and accountability and deliver better care.

Establishing the Leicestershire Partnership and Northamptonshire Healthcare Group

    Fiona Barr — Director of Corporate Governance, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

    Kate Dyer — Deputy Director of Governance and Risk, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Trailblazing integration in Croydon

    Neil Goulbourne — Director of Strategy, Planning and Performance & Chief of Staff, Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Ten-minute break

Session 12: The provider board role: tackling health inequalities as a system

This session will explore the role of provider boards and their committees in assuring themselves that they are contributing effectively to their system’s approach in quality improvement and health inequalities at system level.

Chair: Susan Sjuve — Chair, Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

Peter White — Chair, North West Ambulance Service

Patricia Miller — Chief Executive Officer , Dorset ICS

Babu Bhattacherjee — Director of Communities and Neighbourhoods, Poplar HARCA

Close of Conference

Day 1 - 10 May 2022 — full schedule

10 May, 09:50 - 16:00

Introduction and chair’s welcome

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Session 1: Sustaining good board governance: building on the lessons from the pandemic

During extended periods of crisis and uncertainty boards have emphasised the need to support executive directors and have streamlined their work.  As we move into the post-acute phase of the pandemic and into recovery what should we retain from the acute phase and what should we reintroduce from the pre-pandemic period?

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Paul Devlin — Chair, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Alison Marshall — Chair, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

Trevor Shipman — Non-Executive Director, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Ten minute break

Session 2: New Code of Governance

The new Code of governance for NHS trusts and NHS foundation trusts brings the NHS provider sector in line with the provisions of the UK Code.  This session explores what this will mean in practice and the implications for Trusts and their system partners.

Chair: Lois Howell — Director of Governance & Risk, Isle of Wight NHS Trust

Claire Lea — Director, Charis Consultants Ltd

Paul Howard — Director of Corporate Affairs, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation

Miranda Carter — Director of Provider Development, NHS England and Improvement

Lunch break

Session 3: Conflicts of interest and how to manage them within systems

This session provides practical tips for managing conflicts that may arise between providers and systems, and between system partners.

Chair: Lauren MacIntyre — Director of Corporate Affairs, Mid and South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Michael Rourke — Partner, Hempsons

Ten minute break

Session 4: Effective Board Committees

Making board committees add real value has been problematic for many trusts.  Should we change them or cut back to the minimum?  

Chair: Miriam Deakin — Director of Policy and Strategy, NHS Providers

Daniel Scheffer — Director of Corporate Affairs/Company Secretary, Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Brian Stables — Non-Executive Director Chair of Audit & Risk, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Day 1 Close

Day 2 - 11 May 2022 — full schedule

11 May, 09:50 - 16:00

Introduction and chair’s welcome

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Session 5: What makes a good partnership?

What are the elements of good governance at partnership level and how do we avoid common pitfalls?

Chair: Saffron Cordery — Deputy Chief Executive, NHS Providers

Ify Okocha — Chief Executive Officer, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust

Helen Ray — Chief Executive Officer, North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust

Fiona Noden — Chief Executive Officer, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

Ten-minute break

Session 6: Candour, trust and common cultures in collaboration and partnership working

Working in partnership and collaboration will require more than just processes and infrastructure, it will require trust and the development of cultures in common.  This session looks at building trust and developing shared cultures.

Chair: Nick Marsden — Chair, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Clive Lewis — Chief Executive Officer, Globis Mediation Group

Matthew Trainer — Chief Executive Officer, Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust

Mary Elford — Chair, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Lunch break

Session 7: Member showcases - risk management in systems

Case studies of good practice from two trusts who have found innovative and effective ways to manage risk while working with partners. 

    Chair: Salman Desai — Director of Strategy, Partnerships and Transformation, North West Ambulance Service

Safe and Timely Patient Flow

    Trish Bennett — Deputy Chief Executive of Clinical Services & Chief Nurse, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

South London Partnership – A new way of collaborating to improve mental health services

Ten minute break

Session 8: Where the buck stops – lawful decision-making, directors’ duties, and liabilities

While legislation has changed the landscape in which provider organisations operate it has left the duties and roles of foundation trust and NHS trust directors unchanged.  In this session we will discuss dilemmas faced by boards and directors and look at how they and individual directors can be good team players within their system while tackling those dilemmas.

Chair: Rupert Nichols — Chair, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Julian Hartley — Chief Executive, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Peter Edwards — Partner, Capsticks

Charlotte Hudson — Director of Corporate Affairs, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust

Day 2 Close